JStew & Cori checking in and we wanna know: What's something you LOVE to eat, but HATE to cook?
JStew: Probably at the top of my list is Vietnamese Pho. Or Ramen bowls. Not like the Top Ramen you get at Hannies. You know, the stuff that's $1.25 for five packages? That stuff is trash. The thing about Pho or Ramen, is that the broth is a painstaking process, that to do right, takes a good chunk of a day. Then all the prep that goes into the fillings you want to put into the broth. It's a labor of love that I'm only willing to do a couple times a year. But the payoff is awesome.
Cori: I'm still learning to cook simple things without lighting them on fire, so everything intimidates me. (Amazingly, my family hasn't starved to death yet!) While I'm more comfortable with soups, crockpot stuff and some standard baking--I love to eat pastries--like Danishes and fancy cakes, but I am terrified to cook them. I feel like the require a delicate touch and patience which I simply don't possess. I'm like a bull, not in a china shop but in the kitchen! I just don't have the skills to do nice things--kind of like I don't have the grace to have nice things, either!
It would seem you all could definitely relate to the idea, so we shared all your ideas too! It seems folks really love Chinese food, but don't wanna make it, ever. Hahaha. Check them out....
Wendy Clewley I'll cook anything but chinese food,My hubby barred me from ever making it again when I failed years ago.Tasted like dog food lol! Something else I will not make that I love is cheesecake because the only place i go for that is at

Momo's Cheesecakes Bakery, They are amazing!😋
Kari Jo Davis I go out for Chinese cuisine, the only thing I can make at home worth eating are the egg rolls, but even then, they taste a lot different.
Shane Sawtelle Chocolate cream pie, or any baked goods. I can't bake. I could burn no bake cookies.
Lynn Hatch Sension Sushi. İt's not difficult to make, but it can be rather time consuming.
Shari Giffard Keefe I love lasagna but it’s a bit of work. Would rather someone make it for me.
Aisling Doucette Coconut cream pie.
Jennifer Roy Chinese food
Sunshine Alfredo. No matter what I do, I can't keep the sauce from separating.
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