When it comes to working hard for a living, is there any doubt that Mainers are close to the top of the list? We don't think so.

Now to make it even more interesting, some of America's most deadliest jobs are right here in the Pine Tree State. How do we know this? Every so often, the United States Department of Labor releases information about the deadliest and most dangerous jobs in the country, and as expected, a few of Maine's most prominent professions are right up there at the top of the list.

Working the land and sea is dangerous, just ask anyone who does it for a living  More than likely, you spend your day dealing with dangerous equipment while outside in the elements, regardless of that day's weather.

So, hats off to those on the list that do these jobs everyday to support themselves and their families - the hard working men and women of Maine.

These Are The Six Most Dangerous Jobs In Maine

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