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    • We learned clever thing to do with all the leftover hard boiled eggs from Easter
    • The insight of mixing tuna an egg salad was chimed in
    • Steve added over the phone an idea of planning a few days of chef's salads! yum
    •  Kevin called in and gave me the idea to pickle them. I have a link to recipes on the post, there's even pineapple pickled eggs
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    We asked the question how do you judge success?

    Researchers found an eclectic mix of items used to judge success and wealth in 2013: an iPad, convertible car, 50-inch TV – and someone to clean your house were hailed as modern day status symbols. Researchers revealed the eclectic mix of items in a poll to find out how we judge success and wealth today.

    Most of our listeners who chimed in felt real success was  counted in great relationships and respect.

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    We offered up a written drivers test made up from sample questions on the Maine Motorist Handbook.  A lot of folks took the test and less than 10% got 70 or above.  Go ahead and test your chops:)

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    We learned when it is time in a relationship to let it all hang out. A new survey found that the majority of respondents said after 7.5 months they were completely comfortable with their partner and were able to burp and fart in their presence. These women also believed men are completely comfortable in just three weeks.

    In Maine we warm up a little quicker...good or bad?  I can't say.

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    We realized that we need to consider cleaning out the car.  We spend, on average, about three years of our life in our cars. In a survey of car owners, microbiologists found that the typical car has 283 different types of bacteria in every square centimeter. The gear shift has has the most with 356 germs per square centimeter.