As we wrap up the work week and head into the weekend, a time often reserved for getting things done, we wondered what's on your to-do list that just never seems to get done?

JStew: Oh man, when you live a life of constant procrastination like I do, your "list" absolutely never ends. My lawn is never mowed enough, I always end up with a pile of ice where my walkway should be, I'm always one song behind in my studio doing drum tracks... the list could honestly go on forever it seems. But really, as cheesy as it sounds, the one thing my wife and I always talk about that we never quite pull the trigger on is a proper vacation. We always justify not taking one because we have the family camp, and it's absolutely gorgeous out there. Since it's close by, we can go whenever we want. But someday, we're actually going to hop on a plane and go somewhere. I don't care where, just somewhere.

Cori: Post-its are my jam. At any given time I have at least 8, often more, stuck to my calendar book, my front door, my computer screen--anywhere that I can see, to remind me of all the stuff I have to do. And I have been known to write and re-write these lists as items are completed, or no longer relevant. The one thing I have had, consistently, on all of my tiny to-do lists for the past 6 months is to shave the cats! I have got to get these fuzzy love-balls their haircuts...I just keep getting distracted, and by the time I do end up remembering that I need to do it, it's like midnight, and no animal groomer in their right mind would be booking appointments. So there it stays, right on my list, taunting me for not getting it done.

It seems we all suffer similar fates sometimes. Whether it's errands, or sewing, or taking trips, these are the things you never quite get to.

Kari Jo Davis Win the lottery, I really need to make this happen if I ever want to retire.
Cheryl McManus I’ve been saying that I was going to make me a quilt for several years. I usually sell or give them away. Have had the material for at least 3 years now. Gotta get it done I suppose.
Greg Miller Moving to a warmer climate
Dennis Bean Well...she makes my to do list...if its written down...its been put off too long already!!!!
Mary Klein Drouin Become financially secure


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