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It is embarrassing to say that I still get Giggy with it once and a while.  So when I took this quiz I only scored 55 points.  Still I learned a lot.

These folks drew survey data from 2000 people from every U.S. state, the following map lists. They then came up with every popular slang word from each state that is least understood by residents elsewhere. Like what "Brick" means in Massachusetts. Another Maine example when someone here says we're traveling "apiece" is is near or far? I know now what to expect and if someone in New Hampshire tells me to "XYZ' I know what to do, do you?

How about being called a "Roofer" in another state, think it means you're on top of thing? Nope. And where do you think they'd call a fountain a 'Bubbler'

Proof positive for me that I need to get out more but it was fun.

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