Growing up in the 70's if there was a kid in my High School who hadn't at least tried pot I'd be amazed.  Problem is the idea now is that "so what's the big deal' thinking for today's youth.  What we need to factor into our opinion of the safety or use of today's version of pot is that the effect is not the same.

In a recent study, the researchers looked at more than 38,600 samples of illegal marijuana seized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration over 20 years. They found that the level of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol — marijuana's main psychoactive ingredient — in the marijuana samples rose from about 4 percent in 1995 to about 12 percent in 2014. Conversley, the level of CBD, or cannabidiol — an ingredient sometimes touted for its potential health benefits — fell from about 0.28 percent in 2001 to less than 0.15 percent in 2014

Previous research has also shown that the potency of marijuana, including the marijuana sold in states where its recreational use is now legal, has increased over the years. For example, in a study presented in March 2015 at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers said they found that samples of marijuana in Colorado contained as much as 30 percent THC. In comparison, the levels of THC in marijuana 30 years ago were generally below 10 percent, the researchers said.

I'm not saying this to be political in any way but however you are planning to vote I think all the facts is always a good thing.

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