Bond.  James Bond.

Oh yeah, you'd be riding in style just like Great Britain's most famous secret agent. Minus the specialized weaponry, or course.

Take a look at this sleek looking and completely restored 1989 Jaguar XJS.  Isn't she pretty?  Let us answer that for you.  Yes, it is.

The owner claims that thousands of dollars were spent in restoring this beauty, and it shows as your eyes glance over the shiny gray exterior paint, impressive red leather seats and dash wood trim.

Clean inside and out, and eagerly awaiting a tuxedo-clad driver and his stolen gangster mistress for a ride to seclusion and ecstasy.

The car comes with a 289 horsepower 12 cylinder engine that will get your butt up to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds, which is fast enough to escape any sticky situation that you'd find yourself in.

This machine is perfect in every way, just like you are, and you'll never break a sweat even in the most tensed-filled situations as the air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and locks, and rogue wheels, all create a very elegant and luxurious experience.

The Jag comes with it's original window sticker and owner's manual, and apparently has spent many a month in a heated garage, so it's been just as spoiled as you have been.

This 1989 Jaguar XJS truly may be the most unique used car currently for sale in Maine, and you can steal it at a price of $34,750.  It's located just down the road from Bangor in Searsmont, and it's listed on ebay by 22voiceofmaine. Currently there are 14 other secret agents, ah, we mean car lovers, that have it under surveillance.

Ths May Be The Most Unique Used Car For Sale In Maine

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