Since COVID-19 became as widespread as it has, it's totally changed the landscape of how we think about a few things. Who ever thought in all our lives, that toilet paper would come to dominate our culture? No conversation takes place right now, serious or not so serious, that doesn't include toilet paper at some point.

And of course, most jokes revolve around how much one family really needs, or how far their stash will go. If you want to legitimately quantify this, of course there's a website for that. is a site that lets you enter the number of rolls you have, and the number of times a day folks use T.P. for their...well, you know.

I'm not specifically judging people for trying to get what they could, or perceived they needed. But, it's possible that not everyone really thinks it through about how much a household needs. And certainly, a big family goes through a lot of those precious toity-tickets.

For instance, I saw a person at Sam's Club at the height of the toilet paper freakout with 12 cases, containing 40 rolls each, with 275 sheets on a roll. That person tried to get out with 132,000 squares of derrier papier. My wife and I left with one case. A mere 11,000 sheets.

First of all the calculator won't even go that high for the former. If they're a family of four, each person using TP four times a day, they basically have enough toilet paper for almost 2 years. 2 years!!! My wife and I with our one case, have enough for about 100 days.

Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I'm hoping in 100 days when I need toilet paper again, the fever over summer camp stationary will have settled down a smidge.

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