American Airlines being the latest Airline to jump on the luggage fee gravy wagon.  So the up shot is if you are planning to travel for the Holidays you'll want to weigh your options before packing,

Also before you give Allegiant a pass you should know they already charge more to check luggage than the other carriers. And so why not jump on board just in time for Holiday travelers.

So what was the hike? Only about 5 bucks per bag but spread over the thousands who fly this means millions for the companies who says CNBC are reporting huge profits by nickle and diming consumers.

In a bid to keep airfares looking at least on the surface to be low airlines now charge for everything else but the air that you breathe on the flight. Yes, along with the new baggage fees you’ll most likely be paying for more legroom, snacks and drinks, early boarding and even space in the overhead bin on some airlines.

We may as well tell you too there isn’t much point in complaining because the airline’s standard comeback is that limiting such fees could lead them to just not allow ticket changes and could also lead to higher fares.

Currently Bangor International airport offer travel through  Allegiant, American, Delta, and United. If you check out the links offered you'll see these major carriers are still cheaper than Allegiant for luggage but most likely more for the ticket price.  So the long and the short of it is air travel has become a bit of a shell game and you'd better read the fine print and plan ahead before you get to the airport.

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