The Governor will give his last big speech of his tenure tonight. The speech is usually pretty cut and dry, but with this lame duck governor you never know what he may say.  Although, here's a few things that we're pretty sure Paul LePage is NOT going to say.



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    Google Maps image

    Screw it, I'm keeping the prison open!

    Four days ago State Troopers and others in riot gear ushered prisoners out of the Downeast Correctional Facility in East Machias in the very early morning hours.  The Governor did this to save the state $, although it created a tremendous backlash from the prison's now laid-off workers, business owners in the area, and those that took offense at the way the prisoners were taken to another facility.  We're pretty sure that the Gov will hold his ground.

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    Pot stores will be open tomorrow, and I'm opening the first one!

    It's now been a year and three months since the voters of Maine voted for the use and sale of legalized marijuana, and the Governor has made it be known that he's opposed to the whole gig.  We're pretty sure that when his term is up he won't be opening a store called "The Doob Stops Here."

  • Sarah Rice/Getty Images
    Sarah Rice/Getty Images

    Hey everyone, follow me to the buffet!

    Our lean and trim Governor didn't always look like he does today.  Kudos to him for losing so much weight while being in such a stressful position.  We doubt very much that after tonight's speech he'll be bellying up to a smorgasbord somewhere, even though some members of the audience on a strict diet may be driven to the spare ribs.

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