For our Throwback Thursday topic of the day, we asked you: What TV shows you used to watch when you got home after school?
For me, I would get off the bus, come into the house and do my chores, finish my homework, eat my snack and then watch one or more of the following: MacGyver, A-Team, Magnum P.I., Fraggle Rock and Mister Rogers. (Totally explains so much about my personality, right!?!)
Despite still being on vacation, JStew did end up chiming in on this one (as I thought he would.)
Jason Stewart My obsession with MASH started in grade school when it was on every afternoon on channel 7 from 4-5, right after my sister got done watching General Hospital.
And here are some of the shows you were watching, way back when!
Sheena Turner The original Power Rangers, are you afraid of the dark, Salute your shorts, Boy meets world, and Animaniacs
Michael Guerrero Hey Cory.... It's Chico down here in Florida....I use to watch Sanford and son....
Craig Florey Zoom, Electric Company
Nichole Burnett Punky Brewster or fraggle rock
Wendy Clewley Obsessed with Fraggle rock,I still remember the theme song woohoo.😁
Megan Bridges I watched way too much TV! Brady Bunch reruns, MTv, Mr Belvedere, Just the Ten of Us, Full House, Family Ties, Growing Pains when Leo DiCaprio was a teen idol with that bowl haircut.... The list goes on.

Kari Jo Davis Brady bunch, The Partridge family, the incredible hulk, six million dollar man, bionic woman, Charlie's angels, and love boat.

Sandra Lyn Easy answer here: I was then and still am at 44yrs a HUGE fan of The Flintstones! My brother and I never missed it.

Jackie Batchelder I grew up before cable reached our road. At 4:00 we watched Batman and Superman followed. Simpler days, for sure.

Nancy Gildred Does anyone remember Hullabaloo?
Cheryl McManus I wasn’t allowed to watch tv when I got home. Had to finish homework and study first. Thankfully I could read all I wanted.
Monica Shay Gummi Bears when I was young-does anyone remember that cartoon?! And then Saved by the Bell. Lol. Guess my age.
Furrøw Wøød PBS Telethons! Just kidding that's prob why I drink Now 😉
John Ware It was Looney tunes for me, always made me laugh and smile
Heidi Harris Guiding Light 😂
April Robshaw 321 contact or Reading Rainbow!
Brad Rice Gilligans Island, Flintstones, F Troop, Hogans Heroes
Kristi Carney Recess! Now my kids love it, and my daughter dressed as Spinelli for Halloween.
Don Morgan Gilligan's Island. Until we started getting MTV.
Lynn Hatch Sension After school? As soon as I walked in the door, I turned on General Hospital. Also, ALL the After School Specials, the Monkees, and an assortment of syndicated sitcoms--there was no cable at my house--like Three's Company and M.A.S.H.
Kim Tarbox Oprah, Guiding Light, DuckTales, Cheers, Three’s Company, Designing Women, Golden Girls!
Brian Bent Superman.
Angela Faulkner Duff Zoom and After School Specials when I was young. General Hospital in Jr High
Stacy George Right after school would’ve been Jem and the Holograms! Then of course MacGuyver, The A-Team and the Jeffersons. Can’t count out The Price is Right when you were sick!
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