JStew & Cori here...This Throwback Thursday we're going to be talking about the things you're glad your parents made you do when you were a kid...
What lessons from your youth do you fall back on, and thank your parents for passing along to you?
JStew: Yup, just like we said above, my mom and my grandmother put me on a long path in the kitchen. For years before I got into radio, that was my jam. I even owned a couple restaurants along the way. Do I miss kitchen work? Not much, it's kind of a younger man's game. But I still very much enjoy cooking with my mom for the whole family on special occasions. I'm sure later in life it'll be one of the things I miss most.
Cori: My mom always made my siblings and I write out Thank You Cards for any gift we ever got. It made us all stop for a moment, and really appreciate our gifts and the people who took the time to give them to us. It's something I still do and am trying to pass along to my own kids.
You all shared some great life lessons from your families as well, and we willing to share. There's some awesome stuff here, check it out!
Larry DeWitt I was taught to work for what you want or have. It didn't hurt me at all, and I learned to have respect for others to. The working force people now are the ones that are keeping the world going. I hope the younger generation steps up to the plate, and caries on the traditional way of life.
Dennis Bean To go that extra mile at everything you do...they just didn't warn us of those that think differently and will just take you for it. But they did say...Doing right...or wrong...will catch up to ya! So i like good things to come back..im too chicken i guess to try it the other way around.
Kari Jo Davis I was made to do chores, dishes, laundry, vacuuming and clean my bedroom. I was also taught to work and earn what I wanted. My parents always met me half way on a purchase, but I now appreciate being taught that.
Margaret Siemerling I was never allowed to see PG movies. Was teased relentlessly for it! To this day I can't handle watching anything violent and I'm grateful for that sheltering!
Cheryl McManus My grandfather taught me to play cribbage when I was 7, still play to this day as often as possible. My great grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 7, and I still make afghans.
Sunshine My Mom made sure I knew how to cook and clean.
Jackie There are 3 life lessons my parents taught me. My mom taught me to cook and clean. I was 9 years old and hated every minute of it. But I'm glad to have those skills today. They also taught me that nothing in life is free. And also, they taught me the concept of "This Too Shall Pass."
George My parents taught me to stand up for myself.
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