Others have probably noticed this too.

The Tim Horton’s on Main Street in Bangor is closed. Temporarily.

Not sure how long they’ve been closed, but they indeed are closed.

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Here’s the sign on the locked door.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Got to think that anyone looking for a new job should know about this. Tim Hortons has openings. I do not have details, but here’s the link to Tim Hortons.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

There are other places very close to this Tim Hortons location depending on what you’re looking for. Coffee can be found down the road 100 yards away at Dunkin'. For food, there is McDonald’s directly across the street and other restaurants nearby. The Shaw’s grocery store is close, too.

And other Tim Hortons not that far away, on Odlin Road in Bangor, on Broadway in Bangor and on Wilson Street in Brewer.

Does anyone not know the history of Tim Hortons?  Named for former NHL hockey player Tim Horton, the chain started in Canada in the 60s. They are the Canadian version of Dunkin and Starbucks combined. To say that they are sometimes on two of four corners at an intersection is not an exaggeration.

Tim Horton expanded to the U.S. in the 80s and is now in many countries around the world.

But Tim Horton never got to see the success of the company named after him. He sadly died in a car accident in the '70s.

Hopefully, the restaurant gets their staffing issues ironed out and re-open their location on Main Street in Bangor.

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