As we ease our way back into the work week after a nice three-day weekend, we were wondering.... If someone wrote a book about your life, what would be the title?

JStew: Hmmmm.....what would be the title of my story? Would I go serious, or would I make a joke out of it? That seems to be the general direction of my life at any given moment anyhow, so it's always going to be that choice. But maybe it would go something like, "JStew.... He Tried Real Hard To Be Normal. It just Didn't Work." Honestly, I think that fits both bills. It's funny, yet also tragically true on so many levels. But that's the way life always is, I guess.

Cori: If they wrote a book about my life, the title would be a super simple one. One word; simply  "Oops."  I feel like that's kind of the most perfect title because although I have always meant well, I'm usually saying that about almost every decision I've ever made. It's all encompassing and 100% true. Oops.

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Here's a peek into your lives from the titles of your personal stories. Good or bad, hahaha.

Michelle Haslam Plaisted “Why didn’t she listen to her mother?”

Craig Florey It Looks Good On Paper...

Bobbie Lindsey I am not sure what the title would be....but it would need to be categorized as fiction because no one would believe it.

Grampa Bob If they wrote a book about me it would be called "The Weird Strange Adventures of the Mad Dog"

Darren My book name would be "The life of the down east snowman" hahah

Caller The title of my book would be "Oh S*#t!" because I seem to say that a lot.

Jimmy I got a book title for you, or for me: "What The Hell Was That All About?"

Kathleen Darcy Pelkey Are you serious right now?

Kari Jo Davis I will survive.

Steve I think the title of my book would be "Sold As Is." The sequel would be "No Refunds!"

Wanda from Dexter The name of my book would be "She Be Little But She Be Loud!" I'm only 4'10, but when I enter a room, you know it!

Dennis Bean my book would be "The Beans Of Hudson Maine"

Paul Keezer The Day & Life of an Ant....I'm always busy working and too hyper to ever sit still...haha..

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