JStew & Cori checking in..... According to our thermostats, it's a balmy 43 degrees outside. Anyone cave yet and turn on the heat? Or are you a die-hard hold out for October or November even?

JStew: Right now, it's 4:17am at my dining room table as I write this. I just looked at the thermostat here in my house, and the furnace is still off. It's also only 59 degrees in my house. It's a longstanding tradition with my wife and I that we hold off on starting the furnace until at least October 1st. It's been tempting the last few days and nights. But I'm resolute. Hahaha. I might even be convinced to build a fire, but the furnace? No way, Jose! We got wondering how our listeners deal with this time of year. As usual, you had fairly wide opinions....

Cori:  I typically try to hold off until I absolutely have to turn it on. On the rare occasions where I am home by myself I will keep the heat off and just bundle up. But I have kids, and the youngest seem to be allergic to wearing warm clothes. Despite having an entire wardrobe of warm and fuzzy options, my gang prefers shorts and bare feet. So there are times where I will turn the thermostat up to 65, just to make sure no one gets too cold. (Unlike their mom, my kids don't have a lot of extra padding to keep them warm, so while they tend to run hot, they cool quickly!) We have, however, run the woodstove a couple of times--just to warm things up. I love the woodstove and how cozy it feels. Comes in handy when trying to keep those heating bills down.

Scope out the comments below. Some people refuse, others take a more graduated approach, while others just said to heck with it...

Sandra McAllian Hanscom Brrrrr 
Nancy Gildred Not so far. Running electric fireplace which warms us up. Hoping to hold out til Oct. 1.
Shari Giffard Keefe We caved when our morning low was 27 this weekend. Yup that’s cold enough
Lynn Grinnell Gerrish Thermostat is set on 66 and sweatshirts are on! Darn chilly in the morning up here in Brownville!
Suzette Johnston I’m a die hard hold out! This is much to my family’s dismay!
Rob Irwin Switched heat pump from cool to heat last night (Sunday night - 9/20/2020) to heat...Shut down unit this morning ( Monday - 9/21/2020).
Mary Klein Drouin No heat here yet. My son still has his AC running.
Sheena Turner Heat is on when temperature in house drops below 65.
Kelsey Eileen Merchant Die hard holdouts, I'll put on more clothes and use my electric blanket before the furnace comes on in September. My other half was running the ac until yesterday.
Jen Megquier I turned on the heat this weekend. The house was down to 56 before I gave in. But only let it get to 65.
Melissa Claire Furnace is off but heat pump comes on in the morning to warm up the living room.
Diane Perdue Hartford Haven’t caved yet, but I have used the hair dryer to heat up the bathroom lol
Jamie Stebbins I’m a die-hard I try to hold out till November.
Gerri Elderkin Heat on.
Debbie Martin Die-hard hold out.
We'll see how much longer we can all hold out. Or maybe I'll just build a stupid fire, and quit shivering. Maybe....
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