We've seen big, full, super moons around here before. In fact, tonight is the first of three in a row. I remember a few years back, there was a particularly bright one in the fall, that lit the sky up like it was nearly daytime. Sadly, it looks like Mother Nature is going to try an rob us of beautiful views of the heavens this evening, but perhaps not totally.

Tonight, according to USA Today, will not only be a large super moon, but it's also known as a "worm moon' or even the "sap moon." Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans used to name moons according to their relationship with whatever may have been important to their lives. It was sort of like their own calendar.

So the worm moon is in the spring time, right around now. It means that the ground is warming enough that we start seeing worm castings about. This, in turn, brings out the robins, and other early birds looking for early worms. And, it's when the sap starts running. So there you have it .... sure signs of spring!

It's supposed to be mostly cloudy tonight, according to the National Weather Service. But, no rain. So there could be breaks in the clouds that will allow some viewing. So if you cross your fingers, and do some kind of moon dance, you might just luck out.

Besides, grab all the luck you can for this Friday.......the 13th!

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