Behold the top Google Searches of 2013!

As 2013 draws to a close, mega search engine Google has released it's top searches for the year. Celebrity deaths, births, saber rattling countries and weird dance moves are among the top ten. Because other search engine's tend to have the same results, Google looks deeper into 'queries that post the biggest annual gains.' This is known as 'trending.'

Here's the top ten searches:

  1. South African President Nelson Mandela.
  2. Movie star Paul Walker.
  3. iPhone 5S.
  4. 'Glee' cast member Cory Monteith.
  5. The dance 'The Harlem Shake.'
  6. Boston Marathon bombings.
  7. 'Royal baby,' Prince George.
  8. Samsung's latest phone, the Galaxy S4.
  9. Sony's PlayStation 4.
  10. North Korea.

This year, two out of three internet searches are processed by Google.

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