Authorities arrested two who they believe were involved in Burglary in Bangor over the weekend.

The incident took place on happened on Hammond Street, according to police.

Bangor PD's Public Information Officer, Jason McAmbley, says the authorities were notified of the alleged break-in just before 11 PM, Saturday night.

"When officers arrived, they located a van with the two suspects in it. While speaking with the suspects, a handgun was seen in the passenger area of the van. After interviewing the suspects and the person who called in the initial report, Don Dube, 53, of Newburgh, and Scott Lord, 36, of Bangor, were arrested and transported to Penobscot County Jail."

Dube 10.16.23, Bangor Police Department
Dube 10.16.23, Bangor Police Department

McAmbley says Dube was charged with Aggravated Trafficking and Drug Possession.

Lord was charged with Violating the Conditions of his release, Possession of a Firearm by a felon, and Aggravated trafficking, as well.

Lord 10.16.23, Bangor Police Department
Lord 10.16.23, Bangor Police Department

This is not the first time Lord has had a run-in with the law. A quick check of the Maine State Police Facebook Archives and one will find he's been in trouble before. In 2016, Lord was taken into State Police custody, after trying to evade capture on some outstanding warrants, by climbing out the back window and onto the roof.

"Under the cover of darkness, the man climbed from the window to the roof and then onto an adjacent shed roof. The Trooper thought to himself, 'Okay, this is getting a little weird. Hey, maybe this is our guy.' Slithering on his back along the gambrel-style roof of the shed, the man eventually dropped to the ground onto an awaiting bed mattress, totally unaware as to the presence of one of our very own, non-caped crusaders. Luckily for Mr. Lord, the Trooper was anxiously awaiting his descent, preventing him from suffering any injuries during his landing. Mr. Lord was taken into custody without further ado and transported to the county jail with all due dispatch."

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