It's happening more and more all the time. More businesses of all types are encouraging folks to wear masks. Whether it's to the grocery store or the hardware store, it's everywhere. And Uber is asking the same of not only it's drivers, but also the folks who ride in Ubers.

According to WABI - TV5 via CNN, executives at Uber plan to roll this out in the coming weeks. Not only that, they have some kind of technology they'll be implementing to make sure folks are following through. I'm guessing it'll be some kind of camrea in the vehicle, but it hasn't bee specified.

This is NOT something being required by the state of Maine. This is direct from Uber. It's going ot be their company policy going forward. Right now Uber is making sure they can get masks out to all their drivers, but that will take some time. But expect your Uber ride to get a little awkward. But everything is these days, so.....

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