Considering the population of our state is pretty small compared to others, it's a bit surprising we are the tenth largest supplier of potatoes in the U.S. Well, maybe not that surprising, since we have a perfect grow season for them, and a whole lot of land that can be dedicated to nothing but growing delicious tubers for us all to scarf down.

I would imagine that since there's a lot at stake in the industry, competition for new flavors and varieties must be pretty tight. So not to be outdone by folks from away, According to an article from their website, UMaine's potato breeding program developed this new breed, the fourth since 2014, for small scale growers and gardeners. It's unlikely the new breed will be grown on a mass scale in this state. But boy, oh boy, do those little spuds look tasty!

The Pinto Golds have a red/yellow skin, and a yellow flesh inside. These would be perfect for roasting, pan frying, or boiling up for a delightful potato salad. Pretty much any use you would have around the kitchen at home, or in a restaurant, these would be perfect for. I haven't tried them, but I prefer potatoes with a yellow flesh. Such as a Yukon Gold for instance. The flavor is much sweeter and creamier than say, a regular old Russet.

The first versions of this particular breed began back in 2008, so basically ten years of research has gone into making them delectable dinner sides. they have a 100-110 day grow window, and are well adapted to cooler growing climates. This makes them perfect for growing up in the County. It also helps them maintain their shape, as warmer climates tend to make the spuds grow with a bend.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to keep my eyes open in stores and farmer's markets and see if they pop up. If so, I'm going to fill a basket full, and cook them a few different ways. Hopefully we'll see a few at the end of the summer. Until then, we'll just have to enjoy some of the other bountiful varieties that grace Maine's store shelves. And at that point, the home fry gods will be smiling down on my kitchen, and in my belly!



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