It's kind of strange to think there could be a Facebook group that shares pictures of Maine clouds, but it's real and it's actually quite romantic.

Maine Clouds is a group that encourages you to look to the skies and observe the clouds, to find something beautiful in what can be right over our heads for most of our lives.  Then share your experience with everybody around the world by posting your picture to their page.

Being a state that endures a wide variety of weather, sometimes on an hourly basis, we are a population that is particularly interested in the weather and always curious about what looms above our heads.

The simplicity of this group is as simple as the about page featured on their Facebook:

A place to share your photographs of clouds in Maine

The page was created about 2 years ago and currently has 632 members.  Go join and you'll start to look out for the beauty that is above our heads nearly everyday.  Then, share it!

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