All this week the crescent moon has been pointing at a congregation of planets.  If you've been missing it, don't worry, there's still time to view this stellar wonder!

About an hour before daybreak, walk out into the yard and look up. If the skies are somewhat clear, and they may be early Wednesday, look at the top tip of the crescent moon. That bright object at its tip will be Jupiter, and the fainter reddish one will be the planet Mars.

This Thursday morning the crescent moon will point to Saturn. You'll be able to tell it's Saturn by its golden color.

On the morning of March 20, this Friday, the crescent moon will be at its thinnest, and will be pointing toward the planet Mercury. This Friday's moon is called an Old Moon, because it rises just before the sun does.

We got our information from, a pretty cool site that tells what's happening in the heavens above nightly.

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