Currently 1/3 of the total population at Veazie Community School are in a music program, with 61% of the grade eligible population in band and 50% of the grade eligible population in chorus.

Music teacher Mike Arrell contacted us recently and told us that they'd like to begin a new Modern Band program.  Mike tells us that the school has a fair amount of musical instruments for a small school, but could use more because "we do not want any student to be excluded from this program because of not owning an instrument."  He goes on to tell us, "Therefore, we are reaching out to the community for assistance in finding guitars, electric basses, keyboards, drums, amplifiers, and mixers".

Donors can leave instruments at the main office of the Veazie Community School at 1040 School Street any Monday through Friday between 8 and 3. Donors should make sure to leave their name and address, so that a letter of thanks can be sent.

Folks can contact music teacher Mike Arell at or 947-6573 with any questions.




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