The odds for the game are just like a political election. Very close, too close to call. And those with loyalties can not for the life of them think of how anyone could think their team isn’t going to come away with the victory.

The game is the famous Army vs Navy football game.

All eyes on one of the most exciting games in the country, year after year

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And it is not just the football, or the game itself.

Getty Images/David Seelig/Allsport
Getty Images/David Seelig/Allsport

This is  Army Navy. The 123rd edition.

Getty Images/Al Bello/Allsport
Getty Images/Al Bello/Allsport

Also this is a great occasion for any veterans who long for conversation and companionship with other veterans. pro

Maine Veterans Project hosts a get together each year to cheer on your favorite team, talk some smack, eat some good food, have a drink and hang out with other veterans.

Non veterans are okay too, but this is important camaraderie for veterans.

Game time is 3 p.m. Saturday

Event is at Penobscot Pour House in Bangor.

Plan to get there a little early so you get to sit with either your Army buddies, or your Navy buddies.

Join the group, meet some new friends, and catch up with buddies. Pick your side and watch the game. And work on your chirping.

Maine Veterans Project is a non profit based in Bangor that deals with many Veterans issues but was founded because of the higher suicide rates among veterans in the past 20 years. MVP believes that the first step to suicide prevention is fellowship with the commonality being of having served in the military.

It's a friendly rivalry.

And it’ll be a good time.

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