You're on an island in Maine.  Humans have suddenly disappeared.  Now, you and your eight other cat friends are trying to figure out the mystery of their disappearance by going on adventures and discovering using your natural cat-like curiosity.

This is the concept behind a game in development called 'Peace Island' which is set on a remote Maine island and also being developed here in the State of Maine.

Here's the video that shared the concept of the game, which they describe as an adventure game focused on "discovery, atmosphere and exploration- rather than combat."

The game is currently in development in the Portland area and has been for about a year.  August marked the one year anniversary of taking the game into the hands of Patreon contributors which has resulted in the two hobby-developers being able to hire and grow their game:

Now, we have a dedicated core staff of five, and have brought in the talents of over 30 other immensely creative people to bring this game to life - including musicians, voice actors, illustrators, writers, and animators.

One of the developers has a real job as a line cook at Ananias in Portland, so, he's still holding that down while the game continues to evolve and develop.

The funding for the development first started on kickstarter but has since moved to Patreon.  Patreon contributions allow tiers of payment for membership goodies like development updates, access to try out the game in its development, early access to the final game, fun merchandise, and even a chance to get your name in the game.

The game was featured in an article on a gamer spot on the internet called 9gag.  The article was published in July and really seemed to be a boost for attention for the game, which the developers addressed in a post to their Patreon account on July 28th.

The article really paints a picture of the 'Peace Island' that is being developed with screenshots and a good portfolio of the info so far with the game.

Can't wait to play this game with the world but set in my own backyard, er, ... dooryard, maybe?  That sounds a bit more Mainer.

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