Being a volunteer for the American Folk Festival can mean whatever you want it to mean. If you're comfortable in a retail-type setting, they could set you up behind the cash register in the music or t-shirt booths. But, if you're more outgoing, you might prefer winding your way through the crowd, soliciting donations as part of the Bucket Brigade. And there are lots of positions in-between, like manning the information booth or standing by the giant donation buckets at one of the festival entrances. They can also use volunteers to help with recording the performances.

It's a chance to be part of an event that brings music and culture from around the world to the Bangor Waterfront every August. And there's one really big perk to being a part of the festival, aside from all the fun you could have. On Saturday night, volunteers are invited to a private party that will include all the artists on this year's roster. You never know what will happen at this party, but the artists often team up to jam, which could mean Cajun musicians joining with gospel singers or blues artists. They're performances you'll never see on stage.

The American Folk Festival is being held this Friday through Sunday in Bangor, so time is running out to volunteer. And, remember, the sooner you get signed up, the more opportunities will be available. You can sign up for one or multiple shifts, from 4 hours to however-many-hours-you-want-to-work. Get more information about what's open by emailing

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