It was a case of good old-fashioned teamwork that helped rescue a hiker in duress from the top of Mt. Chase Monday afternoon. Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Spokesman Mark Latti said the Maine Warden Service first got the call about a hiker with a possible broken leg just before 4 PM last night.

It was reported that 27-year-old Jinni-Mae Campbell had fallen and injured her leg while hiking up the summit of Mt. Chase.

Latti says The Wardens Service immediately reached out to the Maine Forest Rangers and the Patten Ambulance Service to help execute the tricky rescue.

"Four game wardens hiked the mountain to where they met Patten Ambulance emergency medical personnel and two volunteers attending to Campbell. Due to the steep and narrow trail and Campbell’s condition, a decision was made to airlift Campbell out, and the Warden Service contacted the Maine Forest Service, who then launched a helicopter to assist in the rescue. One of the volunteers provided a chainsaw, and a small area was cleared to make an opening for the helicopter to lower a forest ranger onto the ground."

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

When the helicopter arrived, a ranger and paramedic were lowered onto the scene to prepare Campbell for travel, and they were all airlifted off the side of the mountain to a nearby gravel pit. From there, they were able to take her, via ambulance, the rest of the way to the Houlton Regional Hospital.

Just another example of how lucky we are in this state to have so many resources and agencies who work well together in times of need.

Well done, all.

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