This really has been the weirdest winter.

I'm really not sure what to make of it. While I believe in the basic ideas of climate change, it always seems a little scary and weird when warm winter days become more of a thing every year. Which is also hard to say out loud when we just had record cold a week ago. This has been the winter of make-up-your-mind-already.

I remember almost exactly a year ago, during February vacation, it was over 60 degrees. I don't know if there's some kind of cycle to these things or what, but here we are. This Thursday, we're headed towards a near repeat of last year. Maybe not quite, but the National Weather Service is implying it could be nice and toasty.

We may be in for some decent t-shirt weather.

Granted, I have seen higher temps in February. In fact, we were just discussing some of them. But the fact is, it's still winter and we're talking about having temps reach into the 50's. Some places could probably go a bit higher, and perhaps others won't even hit 50. But overall, there's a bit of a warming trend for the whole week, with most days in the upper 40's.

The exception in the 7-day forecast is Saturday, which inexplicable drops into the mid-20's. But then right back up into the 40's right after. It's hard to predict where this is all headed when March rolls around. Maybe we'll have an early spring after all, despite what the little rodent predicted last week. At any rate, we'll take what we can get while it's around. Better unpack those muscle shirts early!

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