A photo of something in the waters between Little Moose Island and Schoodic Point, was posted to Facebook yesterday and has been shared 824 times as of this writing.

The photo, which has since been removed, showed what looks to be a Orca, otherwise known as a killer whale, breaching the water. But is the photo real? Now, one person in the comments pointed out the photo is very similar to one published in the Seattle Times on July 27. The Bangor Daily News said it was a fake.

The photo has generated many comments so far with folks saying among other things the it may be a Pilot whale, which are also known as Blackfish, and commonly found in the waters off Maine.

It isn't unheard of -- but it is rare -- to see a killer whale off the Maine coast.

According to Wikipedia, Orca killer whales are could actually be found in the Gulf of Maine, with the species known to be "in all oceans and most seas", being "absent only from the Baltic and Black seas, and some areas of the Arctic Ocean."  They are most prevalent in the Pacific Northeast from California to Alaska, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand and Argentina.   There have been also been sightings from Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada,  to New England with sightings off Cape Cod and Long Island.

The good news is that although they are named "killer" whales, the only time they've really attacked humans is while they've been held in captivity by them.  If a whale was indeed in the waters off Schoodic Point, then it was probably feeding on cormorants and seagulls, and not looking for kayakers.

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