A Washington County man who has been in jail for most of the year on a number of charges, is now accused of conspiring to murder a witness.

Robert Boggia, 33, was charged yesterday at the jail with conspiracy to commit murder, and arson. The charges were lodged by State Police and the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Boggia has been held in lieu of bail since February on a number of felony charges, including gross sexual assault, robbery and burglary.

Troopers, working with the Washington Sheriff’s Office and MDEA, received new information in the past week that Boggia wanted to kill a witness involved in his case.

In addition, fire investigators say they have developed a case against him , following a fire at his former home in Blue Hill in 2013. The house was destroyed in the fire. As a result, the two new felony charges were added Tuesday and Boggia was told about them at the jail, where he continues to be held.

Boggia has been in jail since Feb. 16 following a manhunt for him in Washington and Hancock counties. He is expected to face a judge on the latest charges this week.

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