You know those Mainers, sometimes they can be a little wacky.

Whether the inspiration comes from frustration, good old Maine ingenuity or the bottle, these five escapades make us snicker and then shake our collective heads in unison.  But thank God for us Mainers, because without us videos loaded into cyberspace would be so  boring and predictable, and who would welcome that?

Here are five instances of outlandish things filmed in Maine.

#1-  Cow in a car - This cow was filmed in the backseat of a car while sitting at an Irving truck stop in Auburn in September of last year by a person that took a double take and of course was surprised to see what she had seen.  You find this odd?  Well, apparently a few others did as well as the video has been viewed almost 1100 times.  You would begin to question the video's authenticity had the owner himself not posted a follow up video almost immediately after in which he called his bovine friend "just a really big dog."

#2- Man rides ATV naked during a snowstorm - Back in early January of 2018 a laughing man named Miles from Kenduskeag gladly stripped off all of his clothes to take a spin aboard his ATV up and down the driveway during a blizzard.  Judging by the weather we're sure that it was a pretty chilly ride and that a full grown beard and a scarf only went so far.

#3- Man flips out over speeding ticket - A classic. Kudos to Maine State Police Trooper Stephen Murray, who back in 1992 kept his cool and watched in amazement as a man (with the epitome of a Maine accent) on his way to "get some pills for my dog",  flipped out and lost his cool on the side of a busy road. After hearing this man's high pitched voice whine for what seemed like forever, every cat within a ten mile radius must have run for their lives.  Although, this rock steady Maine State Trooper did not.

#4- Man clears snow from his roof with a snowblower - Is it ingenuity or does it just really make sense?  Probably a little of both.  Back during the winter of 2015 in the town of Buxton, a man hoisted a small snowblower up onto the roof to clear the snow.  The neighbors were so impressed that this video was posted to You Tube for all to enjoy.

#5 - Man converts Pontiac into a speed boat - This video from eleven years ago in southern Maine shows a man and his friends pulling up to a dock in some sort of car/boat concoction. The car body sitting atop a boat frame with two outboard motors seems to be more than seaworthy as it speeds off into the dusk with it's very jolly and proud crew aboard.

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