Could this very well be the best commercial that the world has ever seen? Maybe, just maybe.

Wow, talk about a play on words. Check out this new online and on air commercial for Manscaped that's filled with word play featuring former New England Patriots football great Rob Gronkowski and his girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek.

The title of the very witty commercial is "Gronk Can't Find His Balls" and it begins with Rob standing presumably naked behind a big bush while looking down, well, for his balls, which one would presume in a totally different world to be his footballs.

Meanwhile, his real-life and most beautiful girlfriend sits poolside while directing the clueless Gronk as to what to do about the most hairy situation.

Now, as we all know, a good girlfriend always keeps a Manscaped utensil handy and readily available for a trim, especially when one is poolside, and Camille doesn't let us down.

If you're really wondering what sort of product that the Manscaped Lawnmower is, let's just say that you would use it to groom oneself "way down there", if you felt the need, which you probably do, it's not the '70s anymore.

Fear not everyone, towards the end of the commercial for the Manscaped Lawnmower Gronk happily yells out "sweet sassy molassy" and holds up a couple of footballs from behind the bush.  We have to wonder if he's ever said this while spiking the football in the end zone, or maybe when all is said and done in the bedroom.

Only Camille knows for sure.

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