"He's mad that he doesn't get cake", said one of the party goers.

Watch as this young bull moose invades an outdoor birthday party that happened recently in Palmer, Alaska.  Hey, the pool looked authentic enough to him!  Moose dig waterfalls.

Just when the cake was gonna be served out there on the deck, a very energetic and playful moose jumps into the man made pool/pond out in the back yard.  Watch as he  checks out the toys and then jumps in and out of the pool.

Mr. Bullwinkle evens looks up at those on the deck with somewhat of a curiosity, if not only for a moment, just long enough not to care all that much, and then the splashing continues on.

Eventually, the hairy beast has enough, climbs out of the pool and ventures off.  We can only hope for the family that he didn't leave a present behind.


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