There's something about this show on Sunday morning.  It always seems like it's presented in a very "peaceful" manner, which is perfect for the time of week and day that it's shown.  Yesterday's show was a little more peaceful than usual.

CBS Sunday Morning, now hosted by Jane Pauley, always airs a feature called "Do Nothing For Two Minutes", which usually highlights a section of our country without any narrative whatsoever. The segment lets the video and the audio that the location itself produces do the talking, and this week's feature was especially meaningful to Mainers.

This beautiful video footage that was shot within Baxter State Park, Maine's largest state park, located in Northeast Piscataquis County.  Man, talk about peaceful and sedate, especially on a sunny day!

In the video the only audio that you'll hear are the gentle sounds of the pond water hitting the shore, and the moose, the majestic animals that they are, taking refuge from the black flies and mosquitoes within that water.

One cannot help but think that seeking relief within the waters must make the moose feel so much better.

With all that is going on in the world things remain relatively normal within Baxter State Park, the animals that reside there know nothing of COVID-19 and racism in America. To them it's just another day.

Then there are the viewers located in hot spots all across America who are there sitting within their apartments and small city houses on a Sunday morning wondering what their day may bring today, as they watch a peaceful scenario unfold for two minutes from our great state of Maine.

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