It's not as symbolic as our soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima, but it comes close.

Watch as a Dead River propane delivery driver in Augusta comes across a United States flag buried in the snow.

How did it get there? Was it the wind that knocked Old Glory down the night before?  It didn't matter.  This man knew it wouldn't be right to leave it there.

Watch as he digs the flag from the snow and scrapes the mast clean before placing it back on it's mount, all the while holding the fuel hose.  Just a few seconds is all it took to show this man's feelings towards the country in which he lives.

Home owner David Price, a Gulf War veteran,  showed his respect to this respectful gesture by the driver by posting video taken by his doorbell system to You Tube for us all to see.

We think that Dead River better give this guy a bonus.

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