Our favorite Maine dad has some grumpy words of advice for those hoarding toilet paper.  A word to the wise: Don't take it, and the ramification may involve cement shoes.

In the latest comedy video produced by O'Chang Comics, Donny the grumpy Maine dad gives us his take on the goings on during this COVID-19 pandemic thing.

When it comes to the very low inventory of TP on the grocery store shelves, Donny had this to say, "If I evah, evah, evah, catch you taking more than two packs....I'm going to have to quarantine you at the bottom of the friggin' quarry. And don't think I'm friggin' around.  I've got three quarries 'round back."

Donny had also has some words of inspiration for us Mainers as we make our way through this pandemic.  "We made it through ice storm '98.  We'll pull together and get through this. We're Mainers. And don't you evah forget it. EVAH."

Now when it comes to "those from away" driving to Maine to take refuge from the virus here in the hills, Donny had a directive.for them as well.  One that made reference to the locals that recently dropped a tree across the driveway of a house rented by two out of state contractors on the island of Vinalhaven.

"And all you friggin' city folks, thinking about hiding out up here, we don't want to have to go all Vinalhaven on ya. So for now, stay the fack home."

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