When football season rolls around, will party boy Gronk still be in one piece? After watching THIS, chances are, no.

Watch super boy Rob Gronkowski, currently a tight end with the New England Patriots, and NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal, party it up big time this past Saturday night in Miami!

At one point, the shirtless Gronk tries to stick his head under Shaq's butt in an effort to hoist the over 300 pounder onto his shoulders.  Thankfully, at the last moment he realizes what he was about to do and gives up.

This all happened at Shaq's Fun House, a so-called "traveling event" that was a part of last week's Miami Music Week.

We're happy that we missed this party, and hope that Gronkowski can still stand up straight when this year's football season starts in September.


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