It was a big day for the workers at Bath Iron Works yesterday, as their latest product headed out to sea trials to work out the kinks.

The future USS Daniel Inouye was escorted down the Kennebec River by a tugboat and then out to see Wednesday, as Bath Iron Works employees stood by and cheered as the fruits of their efforts hit the open water.

The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer will be named after the late Daniel Inouye, a Democratic United States Senator from Hawaii who served with the 442nd Infantry Regiment during World War II in Italy.  Mr. Inouye lost his right arm when a grenade exploded nearby during battle, and he received several military decorations including the prestigious Medal or Honor for his service.  Mr. Inouye was a U.S. Senator up until his death in 2012, and prior to the soon to be Vice President Kamala Harris, he was the highest ranking Asian-American politician in U.S. History.

Arleigh Burke-class destroyers cost about $1.8 billion dollars to make and during warfare can strike targets on land, sea and in the air.  They are a strategic part of our anti-missile defense system, and are capable of bringing down a missile aimed at our country. The crews at Bath Iron Works will review data and operations while conducting "builders sea trials" while the ship is out in the open waters.

Kudos to everyone involved and it was really nice to sea this Maine made product in the Kennebec River yesterday!

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