Yes, this past Sunday's ice storm didn't happen, which created much needed humor across social media, including this very funny Maine video from Randy in Clinton.

Filmed in the middle of, well, nothing, this past Sunday, Randy explains that due to the weather conditions he was forced to cook out on the porch, as the camera pans to a turkey fryer.

He goes on to remind us that supermarkets here in Maine turn into a "mad zone" the day prior to a storm, and then give thanks to a few people, including Addie for filling up the bathtub, which we presume would be used to flush a toilet when power to the pump in the well goes out.

And, of course he thanks Tradewinds for braving the storm and being open so that he could buy his favorite weather goes to hell beverage, Cap' Morgans.

But Randy's line of the day had to have been, "the horses are beyond themselves", which we feel could be another great Maine saying, maybe someday.

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