Somerset County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Eugene Cole was quite the musician, and came from a very musical family.  A band that he played with for twenty years showed their respect this past weekend with a song.

This past Saturday night at a little place called Crystal Falls in Chelsea, Maine, Borderline Express, a band that Gene Cole played guitar with for over twenty years, held a moment of silence before passionately playing "Drink A Beer", a song made famous by country star Luke Bryan.  The video was posted to Borderline Express' Facebook page by Darcy Walker.

Gene played in the band with his brother Tom, and after Gene got done in 1994, the two would continue on performing as an acoustic duo at various Maine clubs, according to an article in the Portland Press Herald.  Tom is also a first-class Elvis Presley impersonator who performs in the area.

When the brothers were young they'd watch their fathers play guitar and they would sing-along, which created an interest in music.




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