A dramatic video shows a real-life rescue, as a driver is pulled from their burning car by a Mechanic Falls Police Officer and a good Samaritan.

A post on the Mechanic Falls Police Department's Facebook page says Officer Andre Chasse responded to a report of a car accident early Wednesday morning. A 20-year-old Norway resident had been driving on Lewiston Street, when their vehicle hit some rocks, causing the car to roll onto its side. Upon arrival, the officer noticed the vehicle was smoking and the driver was trapped. As he worked to peel the windshield away from the car, the vehicle ignited into flames.

A man who was driving by, on his way to work, stopped to help the officer. Together, they were able to pry the windshield away from the car. The driver was hurt, so the officer carried them from the vehicle to safety. Without the help of these two courageous men, police say the outcome could have been very different. The driver's name was not released, and police did not comment on how badly they were hurt.

The video was taken by Officer Chasse's dash camera and music was added, for effect. Mechanic Falls Police posted a thank you to the officer, stating that his actions 'exemplify our department, town, and profession.' The community of Mechanic Falls should feel much safer, knowing law enforcement members, like Officer Chasse, are working to protect them.

We will add our thanks for a courageous act, to Officer Chasse and also the man who came to his aid.

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