What would a snowy day in Maine be without watching a couple of cute and adorable bears enjoying a slippery hill to slide down on?

Both Mei Xiang and Tian Tian may be 700 miles away at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. but they sure are creating a lot of smiles and a whole bunch of laughs today worldwide, for those stuck at work and at home.

Watch as they both enjoy themselves rolling and sliding down the hill at the National Zoo.  It's amazing how human they can be as they enjoy the slippery slope.

Meanwhile the Zoo's giant panda cub cub Xiao Qi Ji had his first encounter with snow, and comments left behind on the Zoo's Facebook post expressed the desire to see him as well someday out and about, gleefully playing on the snowy hill.  All in good time!

While the giant Panda bears enjoy themselves in Washington D.C., please make sure to keep your eyes open here in Maine for any brown bears that may be out and about doing the same on this snowy day.  We'd love to see the video!

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