A geomagnetic storm made its way to the planet earth earlier this week and the ramifications were beautiful!

The Aurora Borealis, or what most folks call the northern lights, for the most part, are not usually viewed this far south here in Maine. On a rare occasion, one is able to catch a glimpse of the mysterious and colorful lights of Mother Nature dancing above the mountains of Acadia National Park or around Mt. Katahdin.

Check out the time-lapse video below that was recorded this past Tuesday night from the south side of Millinocket Lake, and watch the green, blue and purple lights that seem to explode from the north side of Mt. Katahdin.  Absolutely stunning.

Here's another video that was recorded this past Monday around midnight night a little further south in our state in the town of York.

This week's geomagnetic storm was courtesy of the sun hurling a solar flare our way and essentially creating a sort of explosion as electrons followed the Earth's magnetic field to the Polar Regions where they collided with things like oxygen, nitrogen atoms, and molecules in Earth’s upper atmosphere, thus producing the beautiful lights that you may or may not have seen earlier this week.

Is there a chance that you may be able to see even more this week?

NOAA has an Aurora Prediction Center that you can always refer to, and it gives you 30-minute notice as to when the northern lights will appear. It will also give you the current "space weather" which would give you further information so that you may be able to predict for yourself when the sky is apt to light up.

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