CLEAR! We love it when we get to watch things blow up!

Wow.  Check out this video provided to us via Facebook by the Maine Department of Transportation that shows the old piers from the former Jonesport-Beals Island Bridge being blown to pieces back on September 16th.

FIRE IN THE HOLE!  It's so very cool.

Now we all know that when stuff gets blown to smithereens legitimately it's always good to have more than one vantage point, and the Maine Department of Transportation happily provides us with four of them!

The former Jonesport-Beals Island Bridge was built back in 1958, and state workers began work on the new one in February of 2017.  U.S. Senator Susan Collins announced prior to the construction of the new bridge that the U.S. Department of Transportation was awarded $10,525,000.  The State and the Feds then kicked in even more cash to reach a total cost of $19.4 million.

The dynamite to destroy the old bridge was probably a few dollars more.

"This important funding will allow the Maine Department of Transportation to move forward in replacing the bridge, improving public safety, increasing connectivity between the island and the mainland, and helping to create jobs in rural Maine,” Senator Collins said in a  press release back in 2016.

The new bridge begins by the United States Coast Guard station in Jonesport and carries fishermen, residents and visitors over to Beals Island to places like the Bayview Takeout, which by the way has the BEST LOBSTER ROLL ON THE PLANET!

We thank the Maine Department of Transportation for providing this what we think is an award winning video to kick off the weekend with!

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