Could this be the best lobster roll in the state? Judging by the amount of tasty meat in that roll, it may be.

We recently took a trip to the Bayview Takeout on Beals Island!  We wanted to see what everyone was talking about, and we were hungry again anyway!

The Bayview Takeout is about 83 miles from Bangor.  Just make your way to Route 1 Downeast, and then take a left onto Route 187 at Columbia Falls.  Cruise to the end of the Jonesport peninsula, then over the bridge to Beals. Then take a left after the bridge and you'll see the Bayview Takeout a few hundred yards on the left.

They have picnic tables set up outside with a real nice view of the working harbor, there's lobster boats and traps all over the place!  Nothing like eating shellfish with the gentle cries of the gulls in the distance.

Order your food at the window, and the staff will bring it out to your table!

The lobster roll featured a TON of very tasty meat.  It comes with the claw meat intact on top of the roll, which has turned into the Bayview's trademark.  We truly thought that it was the best tasting lobster roll that we've ever come across!  The cole slaw and fries were pretty darn good as well.

Be prepared to pay this year, as the price of lobster has gone through the roof. It was $20, but hey, this is something that we're not going to eat everyday, as much as we'd like to.

The lobster roll at Bayview Takeout was voted the USA Today Readers Top 10 Choice for the year 2016, and we can see why.  It certainly is worth the trip.

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