Did that really happen? 

By now you are likely well aware that a small herd of bison went on a day-long adventure between Presque Isle and Fort Fairfield on Wednesday. A total of 11 bison escaped their local pasture and ventured into the area of the Nordic Heritage Center and Quoggy Jo Ski Center. Unfortunately, one of the bison from the herd was struck and killed in the early morning hours.

Courtesy Debbie Maynard
Courtesy Debbie Maynard

A very long and trying day for some

The rescue, or herding effort, to bring the bison back to their home took most of the day with the last of the herd getting into a trailer mid-afternoon. Many local law enforcement officers and other responders assisted the farmer in rounding up the herd of runaway bison. Residents in the area of the great bison escape were able to grab some incredible pictures and videos of the rescue efforts. Check out some of the scenes from a wild day in Presque Isle and Fort Fairfield.  

Via Gary Johnson
Via Gary Johnson

One of the heroes from the rescue effort

Local resident Gary Johnson spent his day assisting with the efforts to get the bison wrangled up and back home. Gary's wife, Bridget, was able to document some of the key moments throughout the day and we appreciate the Johnson's sharing their videos and images with us. This first video is from Bridget's perspective as she watches the herd come down the hill as Gary trails them on his snow sled.

The herd stampedes by

Now watch as the herd stampedes by her vehicle in an area by the Nordic Heritage Center.

Now let's see the herd of bison emerge from the woods and you can tell they are fatigued from trekking through the deep snow and woods.

Let's get up close with the herd

Gary Johnson had his go-pro on during the rescue efforts and captured some up-close footage and images. Watch as Gary works to keep the bison from going back into the woods and keep them on the passage to get back to the farm.

The herd was extremely tired after they worked through the deep snow and woods.

The bison and the rescue team were plenty tired at the end of the day. In this video, you can see Gary and the farmer working the herd back towards the path and eventually home.

It's safe to say that this will be a day that these guys will be talking about the rest of their lives. The one bison lost is the only piece of bad news out of a day that could have been much worse. Thank you to everyone that has shared pictures and videos from the events of the bison escape. I hope the rescue crew is able to catch up on some rest today.

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