Maine experienced extreme wind a few weeks ago. Last week Mount Washington had wind so strong it was staggering...literally.

Bangor had wind gusts reaching 64 MPH during last month's windstorm. It toppled trees, power lines and cracked telephone poles. Could you imagine 105 MPH wind? That's what Mount Washington in New Hampshire saw last week.

A video has been blowing around Facebook of Mount Washington weather observer Tom Padham venturing out in the extreme conditions at the summit. The video was recorded during a snow storm that blew over the summit producing 105 MPH wind gusts.

The November 10 storm dipped the windchill to nearly 40 below! Padham could barely keep two feet on the ground as he faced the incredible force of the storm.

Mount Washington weather observers live on the summit in week long shifts, continuously gathering weather data. At 6,288 feet above sea level, Mount Washington witnesses some of the most extreme weather conditions on the planet.

105 MPH wind is impressive, but that's nothing for Mount Washington. Back in 1934, the observatory recorded winds at 231 MPH!

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