We've been hearing it all our lives, but why?

I've heard a thousand times, about all the things you should never do during a thunder and lightning storm. Most of them seemed like common sense. You know, we all know not to be the tallest thing in the area, and we know that when we hear thunder or see lightning, we should just take cover immediately.

We've also heard you shouldn't use the phone, or do dishes, or take a shower... But why? In my mind, I always used to think it was because somehow the lightning was attracted to the water or something. But some of the reasons are pretty obvious, but one of the others is downright nuts.

The lightning isn't attracted to the water, it's looking for your pipes.

That's the main issue. If you're doing dishes, or taking a shower and lightning struck your house, or very close to it, all that energy could travel up your pipes and into the very water you're using. you could get the shock of a lifetime if you weren't heeding those wise words, according to WMTW.

But what really surprised me, is that it's not just your pipes. There could be waterborne heavy metals in your water that are extremely capable of carrying electricity. I would imagine it might be even worse if you have a well. But it's an unexpected twist on what I'd see as a rather mundane thing seen as an old wives tale.

But for real, just the very water you're using could be the deadly culprit itself. so it really is worth keeping in mind when the thunder starts to roll. No one wants that kind of shocking experience.

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