It came down to the wire, but the renovations on Darling's Waterfront Pavilion were completed in time for Luke Bryan to hit the stage on Thursday night.

I think a lot of us had our doubts that the job on the Bangor waterfront was going to get done on time. Less than a week before opening night for concert season, large mounds of dirt could be seen over the fence around the venue. Pictures posted online by Dan Thornton of Thornton Construction showed the progress. In one video, crews are seen working into the night, with music cranking to keep them motivated.

There were obstacles along the way. Thornton posted pictures, at one point, of broken windows in large equipment at the site, obviously done by vandals. (he added that the perpetrators were on camera) Then there was the rain. At times, a lot of rain.

I was involved in many conversations with people who said it couldn't be done. Serious doubts circulated about whether there was any way to relocate all that dirt/gravel, lay the sod, and make it all workable by the night of the concert. Some even speculated that maybe concert-goers would be surrounded by bulldozers as they listened to Bryan sing, ''Rain is a Good Thing."

But through it all, the many companies involved in the project persevered. Sod was placed. Walkways were smoothed. Bathrooms were lined up. And the finished product is a big improvement.

Dan Thornton told me Waterfront Concerts has done a great job of supporting local contractors and putting together a team that worked together to get the job completed.

Although stressful, it is exciting and fun. No matter the situation, we are encouraged and supported. We can't wait to start again and pull a few more tricks out of our sleeves this winter.

From all of us who doubted, we offer congratulations to everyone involved in this renovation. Job well done.

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