It's that time of year...

It never ends in Maine. It's road construction season. Well, to be fair in this case, it's not really work on the roads. It's more about what's under the roads that will have crews out on the scene this weekend at the intersection of State and Hancock Streets in Bangor. This area has seen many closures recently, including this weekend.

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Work begins Friday night at 6:00pm, and will continue through Monday at 6:00am. Crews will be replacing more sewer mains, as well as installing a new manhole. So, that means traffic will be detoured through the adjoining neighborhoods to avoid the area. The detour will go something like this...

Either 3 left turns, or 3 right turns depending on your direction.

...eastbound traffic will be detoured up Fern Street, turning right on Garland Street, then turning right on Howard Street. State Street westbound traffic will be detoured up Howard Street, turning left on Garland Street, then turning left onto Fern Street. The detour will end at State Street.

You can find all this info as well on the City of Bangor Facebook page. In addition, Otis Street will also be closed, but will be open to local traffic.

What if I need stitches?

Obviously, the Northern Light Emergency Room will still be open, though you may get turned around in the detour. Also, for employees of Northern Light EMMC, the parking lot will still be open during this time. And if you need anymore information, there's actually a dedicated website. Just go to

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